• Lowered default bloom intensity and removed post processing buttons
  • Missing child sign added to front desk
  • Party room DJ and go-go dancer setup has been lowered
  • Party room now has a raised stage for crowd dancers
  • Tunnel to party room has had gaps removed
  • Fixed image widths on front desk signs
  • Upgraded calibrating chair script to version 1.4
  • Upgraded VRCBilliards to version 1.2.0
  • Upgraded VRCSDK to version 2021.2.4


  • Minor tweaks to video player speaker setup


  • Added AudioLink
  • Added video player


  • Security updates!


  • New images in the world
  • Minor overlap issues fixed


  • Turned down world light intensity
  • Star floor pattern on game room mirror no longer overlaps
  • Pulled restroom door out of wall a bit
  • Removed specular reflections on floor below avatars
  • Made walls next to game room doors flush with door frame
  • New main dance floor layout, entrance, and assets
  • Compressed several images and meshes better
  • Archived trophy shelf and unused images
  • New community-supported pool table
  • Room under construction added in the game room
  • Reduced glowstick particle count
  • Restroom floor cleaner is back from the repair shop
  • Toys and glowsticks are now auto-held


  • Reworked all lighting for consistent avatar lighting
  • Post processing is now on by default
  • Wall patterns are more vibrant
  • Extra sofa added to private dance room, original sofa rotated
  • Added a roof to the lobby for consistency
  • Reduced/eliminated gaps between curtains and walls for main party rooms
  • World download size dropped to 51.6MB from 60.3MB
  • Game room made larger
  • Beer pong and pool moved out of private dance room to game room
  • Doors added/changed in game room going directly to restroom and main dance room
  • Gun pickups in game room no longer use glow-stick mesh colliders
  • Made beer pong shots 16% easier to make
  • Pictures are now 2D sprites instead of 3D meshes
  • Pictures have all had compression applied consistently
  • Pictures should look better in most cases
  • Removed quite a few unnecessary mesh colliders
  • Updated VRCSDK to 2021.2.3 (identity update)
  • Replaced a few more mesh colliders with box colliders where possible
  • Removed final use of the Standard_Culloff shader


  • Cat pickups should now be properly synced
  • Removed potato mode, no longer necessary
  • Staff no longer need to enter password on join
  • Filled up trophy cabinet in reception
  • Added back new version of transparent mirror with better performance
  • Reduced world download size from 63MB to 58MB
  • Reduced draw calls by 20% on front desk prizes with GPU instancing
  • Removed Japanese symbol from player counter
  • Rearranged/resized objects for better views over front desk
  • Rocket ship ride now has a seat that can be clicked
  • Most avatars clip into sofas less
  • Chair toggles are now global
  • Chairs have a larger hitbox
  • Replaced TextMeshPro with default text objects
  • Replaced TirgamesStandard with standard shader
  • New script to run Udon behaviours on player join/leave
  • Udon behavior object sync replaced with new VRC component sync
  • Replaced Stingray chairs with Reimajo chairs v1.0
  • Upgraded VRCPlayersOnlyMirror from v0.1.2 to v0.1.3
  • Upgraded UdonSharp from v0.19.8 to v0.19.11
  • Upgraded VRCSDK from 2021. to 2021.


  • Light and reflection data much more efficient for about the same effect
  • Reduced world download size from 77MB to 63MB
  • Mirrors no longer use expensive transparency script
  • Updated the Wall(s) of Shame
  • Removed community board from reception area
  • Menus behind security desk now display correctly at all distances
  • Replaced security desk computer screen static with something more fitting
  • Moved bears up on prize shelf so they don't clip through
  • Toys in the desk, on the wall, and in the prize room can now be picked up
  • Decimated hierarchy for performance and development ease
  • Deleted/rotated a few columns from lower corridor and adjusted items to fill empty space
  • Fixed emissions on objects so they aren't just dark specters in the map
  • Updated VRC SDK to 2021. (the Udon Networking Update)
  • Updated VRWorldToolkit to version 1.11.0
  • Updated CyanEmu to version 0.3.7
  • Cleaned up many inactive objects and scripts from the project
  • ProBuilder mesh changes dropped scene file from 170MB to 104MB
  • Clipped main camera near plane back to default of 0.03


  • Compressed some images shown in the world
  • Fixed wet floor sign pickups
  • Deleted duplicated glowsticks
  • Cleaned up project of many unused assets


  • Occlusion culling updates for big performance improvements
  • Doors in reception back to spawn now usable
  • Deleted out-of-bounds light probes
  • Objects in security now toggle on/off with potato mode
  • Better security desk colliders for potato mode enabling
  • Added emissions to security prizes so they are not muted/dull


  • Coomba added to the restroom
  • Cameras added to the map for the security team


  • Rebuilt potato mode
  • Optimizations by combining objects and static flags
  • Voice panel added for new DJ Amp testing
  • Reduced world file size


  • Added DJ posters in main dance room
  • Made pickup items kinematic for better optimization
  • Added infographic on how to get the best performance for users
  • Added names over doors to help guide newcomers
  • Potato mode now disables walls and special effects in spawn


  • Moved sync button for video player in front of DJ booth
  • Updated spawn walls and materials
  • Added sign above door in main dance floor
  • Added post-processing button and new button layout in main dance floor
  • Added mirror in front of the DJ booth
  • Added floating logo above entrance with lasers
  • Walls added to support more photos


  • Upgraded laser lights and disco ball in main floor
  • Enabled auto-hold for glowsticks and added trails
  • Added another population cap trophy
  • Added FlyingClaws' approval trophy
  • Restroom panic button is no longer global


  • Potato mode complete
  • Restroom mirror / post-processing button is no longer global
  • Dropped world size down to 71MB
  • Added colliders to the security area so people can't fall anymore
  • Changed the skybox to something more optimized


  • Video player in main DJ area


  • Added automatic room mirror disabling when players leave a room
  • Added Panic Button that locally disables all toggles in every room


  • Made plastic arcade guns pickup objects in the reception area
  • Added DJ booth barrier toggle and permanent frontal box collider
  • Better dimensions for all colliders on toggle buttons
  • Added disco ball and glow stick local toggle buttons
  • Increased post-processing effect
  • Made glow sticks kinematic and disallowed theft
  • Removed glow stick table collider
  • Added local chairs toggle for half body users and desktop users
  • Set disco ball and laser projectors as off by default
  • Added a hanging ceiling light to the janitor's closet in the bathroom
  • Moved DJ martini to the right to avoid collider issues on interaction
  • Added Laser show toggle on to wall by glow sticks